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Pureshot Wave Breaker Light Brackets

Pureshot Wave Breaker Light BracketsPureshot Wave Breaker Light Brackets
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Pureshot Wave Breaker Light Brackets
These light brackets were designed by the PSO Boss to eliminate weekly maintenance on the shooting decks due to broken or bent light - wall mounting brackets provided with most manufacturer’s lighting.

Built to withstand the rigors of bow fishing,Standard Wavebreaker Light Brackets are slotted for ease of installation and will fit all of our Night Ranger Lighting Products along with SeeLite, Customfitz and other lighting on the market. Money well spent to protect your lighting. Wavebreaker Light Brackets are Precision water cut from heavy rust free aluminum. Wave breaker brackets are “on the water” proven to remain rigid and keep your lights mounted in place when breaking brush, hitting stumps, and enduring those long boat rides on rough water. 

Standard Wavebreaker brackets are slotted for ease of installation and designed to match the drill patterns on Murklight, Seelight  and CustomFitz 50W LED Bowfishing Lights sold separately by Pureshot Outdoors.

Custom Wavebreaker Brackets are available for your new or existing lighting. Contact us for information about custom drill patterns and prices.