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Brute Box

Brute BoxBrute Box
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Brute Box
25 Quart - This cooler is the ideal for keeping drinks cool in the boat for shorter trips or just a few shooters. This small cooler keeps your food fresh and your drinks ice cold for a day, night or weekend of stickin’ fish, and takes up less space in the bottom of your rig. Comparable to the best ice keepers on the market, Brute is the #1 loadout cooler at PSO.

50 Quart - The Brute 50 is a perfect everyday cooler that keeps your food fresh and drinks ice cold. Ideal for a marine cooler, the 50 qt cooler can hold food & drink for your bow fishing party for days. It takes up limited space in the boat, it’s strong enough to stand on and can keep game fish or non- native species ready to clean where permitted by state law. 

75 Quart - The 75 Quart cooler is the best large cooler available. 75 Quarts is sufficient as a hunting cooler for your wild game, marine cooler for your big catch or camping cooler guaranteed to keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold. Still small enough for one person to carry, this is the perfect size for a multi-use, all-around ice chest.

100 Quart - This 100 quart ice chest is the perfect size for big game hunting, longer trips and offshore fishing. Ideal as a large marine cooler, the 100 qt Brute Cooler is also great for “off-the-grid” camping trips and heavy duty commercial use. This bad boy will keep lots of food, drinks and game cold for a while!

150 Quart - This 150 quart ice chest is the biggest one of all, perfect for week long trips, big game or big catch fishing. This bad boy is great on the boat, in camp or in the truck bed when stackin’ the game or fish for a while, and when there’s nowhere else to keep things cold. Great for heavy duty commercial use.