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Oneida Osprey

Oneida OspreyOsprey
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Oneida Osprey arguably the best bowfishing bow on the market, and preferred by the guys at PSO. Oneida osprey offers a smooth draw; and the ability to "snap shoot." Osprey are a compound/recurve bow, and have the cam system on the inside of the limbs, but a string of a recurve. This allows it to have the power of a compound and the versatility of a recurve. Also makes for easy maintenance. The new color patterns and upgrades to Oneida bows make for a great all around bowfishing bow. Pure Shot Outdoors will be more than happy to answer and questions you may have about the bows. We try to keep around 7-10 bows in stock, but the lead time from the factory is becoming shorter, and we are able to get bow quicker than before. Please feel free to call with questions 903-238-1600.