Before I begin with this post let me just issue you a fair warning. Some people have emailed me wanting to know exactly what I use on the water and this is what this post is all about. I am warning you as a reader because I am about to throw it all out there! It might not make sense to some of you right now but that is alright. With time I am sure you will be using a similar loadout if you stick with bow fishing!

Well you asked – here ya go!


Oneida Osprey
Oneida Osprey

The bow I use is an Oneida Osprey. On this bow I have it set up with the spinner combination starting with the reel vice and a muzzy spinner clamped to the top. The muzzy is filled with a 200 pound fast flight line and it is lubricated with the toxic butter. On the front of the reel seat there is a hole for a rod tip. The rod I choose is the TJE shoot thru rod; this allows for smooth arrow flight and retrieval. When you are scoping out the water waiting to stick a fish your arrow needs a good rest for it to sit in. The rest I choose to use is the RPM victory rest with retention gates.

My Loadout for my Oneida Osprey Bow

  • GarGod String
  • Victory Rest
  • F&D Reel Seat
  • Muzzy Reel
  • TJE Shoot Thru Rod


I make sure to never leave the house without my polarized Oakley sunglasses. My Oakley’s are Radarlocks with a brown tinted lense. I love these Oakley’s because it helps brighten up my vision with the sky is dark but also keeps my vision in great shape when the high noon sun is beaming down. If for some odd reason I did forget my Oakley’s I always make sure to have a backup pair in the boat. My backup pair is a cheap Walmart brand that just gets me by for the day.


My custom built prodrive hull

I have several options on what boat I will use. My all aroundboat is an 1860 G3 powered by a 90hp Yamaha outboard. This boat is a center console and is great for most outings. On the front of the boat I have 12 LED custom fitzlights all 50 watt. The trolling motor I use is a Minn Kota 101 pound thrust. This set up could comfortably handle five shooters for a good night of bow fishing.

The other option I have with a boat is a custom built prodrive hull. This boat is strictly a river boat and is naked to lights. It has a 36 horse power prodrive surface drive powering it. It also has an 80lb Minn Kota and will chase down alligator gar until they are worn out. This boat is a monster. With a setup like this no spot is impossible for you to get to. One of the biggest positives with this boat is that it can get you places that outboards can’t get you.

So there you have it!

That is my setup and still what I use when I head out to stick fish. It is a great setup once you get deeper into bow fishing and want to improve your performance. If you are a beginner at this sport then I would tell you not to worry too much about having all of this gear right now. If you are a beginner I urge you to go check out my article called “Bowfishing Beginners – Getting Started With Bowfishing.” That will fill you in on everything you need to have a great time out on the lake.

If you are more experienced and looking to up your game then look no further. With this setup I have killed

Boat full of Tilapia
  • 94 Buffalo that averaged 25lbs or more
  • 200 Tilapia in a matter of 3 hours
  • 76 Carp and Buffalo with a first time bow fishermen
  • And personally put 11 alligator gar in one of my boats in the summer of 2014

I have always told myself that I have no control over the fish, but I have control of myself and my gear. Nothing is worse than when you miss out on a trophy kill because your gear malfunctioned. Take it from me – with this setup you will be sticking fish right and left!

I want to hear about YOUR personal loadout!

Drop a comment below and let me know what you sticking fish with! I will be sure to get back to you soon and who knows…if I like your loadout enough maybe I will take your it out for a test run in the future : )

Remember guys,

No gar too far!

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